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BMW X6 G06 air suspension strut with VDC front left side 37106892425

BMW X6 G06 air suspension strut with VDC front left side 37106892425

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this is the BMW X6 G06 air suspension strut with VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) for the front left side has a part number of 37106892425. This is a genuine reman part made by Yinron and is designed specifically for the BMW X6 G06 model.

The air suspension strut with VDC is a critical component of the vehicle's suspension system. It is responsible for supporting the weight of the vehicle and maintaining a level ride height, while also providing a smooth and comfortable ride for the driver and passengers.

The VDC system is an advanced electronic stability control system that is designed to enhance the vehicle's handling and stability by detecting and correcting oversteer and understeer. It works in conjunction with the vehicle's traction control system to improve overall driving performance and safety.

If you need to replace the front left air suspension strut with VDC on your BMW X6 G06, it is important to use a genuine reman part to ensure proper fit and performance. It is recommended to have the replacement performed by a qualified mechanic or dealership to ensure that it is installed correctly and the suspension system is properly calibrated.

Years: 2020- 


YR number: MB.3710.425

OEM numbers: 37106892425, 3 710 6 892 425

Packing: 1 PCS

Gross Weight: 7.50 KG

Dimension: 81*19.5*19.5 CM

Warranty: 1 Year

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