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solenoid valve block for Audi Q7 4L air suspension block 7L0698014

solenoid valve block for Audi Q7 4L air suspension block 7L0698014

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The solenoid valve block for the Audi Q7 4L air suspension system, with part number 7L0698014, is a crucial component that regulates the air pressure in the air springs of the suspension system. The air suspension system uses compressed air to adjust the ride height of the vehicle, ensuring a comfortable ride for the driver and passengers. The solenoid valve block is responsible for controlling the air pressure in each air spring, and it contains multiple solenoid valves that work together to achieve this.

If the solenoid valve block is faulty or damaged, it can cause problems with the air suspension system, such as uneven ride height, a rough ride, or even suspension failure. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the solenoid valve block is in good working condition.

The part number 7L0698014 is specific to the Audi Q7 I 4L and choose Yinron valve block replacement is good choice if it is faulty or damaged.


Years: 2007 - 2015


YR number: VB.7L0.014

OEM numbers: 7L0698014, 7L0 698 014

Packing: 1 PCS

Product Weight: 0.8 KG

Dimension: 17*12*9 CM

Warranty: 1 Year

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